How To – Upgraded

EasyAzon set up and installation instructions are covered at the top of the page and frequently asked questions, issues, etc. are covered at the bottom.


Please view this page for common issues before contacting support.

Step 1: Upload And Activate Your Plugins

To do this log into WordPress Admin navigate to plugins > add plugin > upload plugin > press the button to upload a file from your computer then select the EasyAzon core plugin to upload and activate first.

Step 2: Set Up Your Product Advertising API Credentials To Get A Secret Access Key ID and Access Key ID

You need to get your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key ID from Amazon Associates.

  1. Log into Amazon Associates
  2. Look in the navigation menu for “Tools” and click “Product Advertising API” from the drop down menu.
  3. When you’re on the Product Advertising API page, scroll down to “Manage Your Credentials” and there should be an option to either migrate your keys (if you created your keys a long time ago) or create new keys.Note: You have to have generated at least 3 sales as an Amazon affiliate in the past 90 days to apply for the Product Advertising API. (This number may be subject to change)
  4. Use the keys you create on that page within the EasyAzon plugin settings area on the “Credentials” tab inside your WordPress blog.

Step 3: Create A Tracking ID To Use In EasyAzon

When you create an Amazon Associates account you’re given an Amazon Associate ID which you can see in the upper right corner when you log into Amazon Associates.

You can also create new tracking ID’s e.g. for each website you own using this link:

Enter the tracking ID within the EasyAzon plugin under the “Amazon Associates” tab.

After you’ve completed the set up steps shared earlier on this page, you can now go into your WordPress post editor and click the “EasyAzon” button to search for products that you want to create affiliate links for.

  • With the classic post editor you’ll see this EasyAzon button right below your post title.
  • With Gutenberg, you’ll see this EasyAzon button on the right hand side.

FAQ – Common Errors And Solutions

1. EasyAzon Links Don’t Work Properly

  1. If you’re experiencing an issue with EasyAzon, the most likely scenario is you need to upgrade to the latest version EasyAzon and EasyAzon Pro. Ensure you’re using the latest versions.
  2. If you’re still having issues, the most common problem is when you’re using another WordPress plugin that is conflicting with the behavior of EasyAzon. You can test this by temporarily deactivating your other WordPress plugins and then trying to use EasyAzon. If EasyAzon works, then you can slowly reactivate your plugins to determine which plugin is causing the issue. We can’t guarantee EasyAzon will work with all WordPress plugins because there are tens of thousands of plugins, but we do keep our codebase up to date. The most common issue is when another plugin developer is not keeping up on various updates and you may need to discontinue use of their plugin.

2. Too Many Requests Error Message

Amazon has restrictions on their Product Advertising API based on the number of sales you drive as an Amazon affiliate.

Loosely speaking, the more sales you drive, the more requests you can make.

Here’s the help doc page:

If you see the error message but you’re still able to perform searches, you can ignore the message but you may run into throttling issues while trying to use the plugin. The rates are entirely dependent on how much revenue you drive as an Amazon affiliate.