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I can’t search for products in EasyAzon

Amazon implemented restrictions on their Product Advertising API which allows you to use the Product Advertising API based on the number of sales you drive as an Amazon affiliate.

I can only insert text links, but I purchased Pro

If this is happening, please make sure you have both EasyAzon Core and EasyAzon Pro installed, as both are required for full functionality.

EasyAzon backend Links showing on your site?

There may be two possibilities as to why this is the case. We'll tell you what they are here!

Trouble accessing EasyAzon v4 purchases from JVzoo

Please watch our instruction video.

I can’t find Amazon Prime in the search results to link to

A workaround would be to insert any item, then replace that items ASIN code with the Amazon Prime ASIN code, which is B00DBYBNEE.

The EasyAzon button is not working inside my posts or pages

The most common issue for this is if you are running an ad blocker in your browser.

Why are the Amazon Access Key ID / Secret Access Key not working?

You need to sign up for the Product Advertising API and create your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key ID credentials on this page within your Amazon Associates account.

EasyAzon is not working

First, please check that you are running PHP 5.3 or higher on your website. Anything older is out of date. You can find what you are running and upgrade by contacting your host.