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Tablezon Plugin

Start taking advantage of one of the biggest money making strategies for Amazon Affiliate sites!

You'll be surprised at how quickly you can build product comparison tables!

Make beautiful tables in seconds

  • Build out high converting product comparison tables in a matter of seconds
  • All the links in the table are EasyAzon links, meaning you can cloak and localize for even more earnings
  • Get an advantage over your competition who have to take the difficult route to make tables (that perform worse!)
  • Easily customize the tables to contain exactly what you want
  • Earn more commissions by making purchase decisions easier on your visitors
  • Stop wasting time creating product comparison tables that perform worse than those created with Tablezon

Product comparison tables convert EXTREMELY well... set them up quicker than ever!

As you saw in the video, what used to take me hours to create now takes at most a few minutes. 

Tablezon was not only created at the request of customers using EasyAzon, but for myself. As much as I know how well product comparison tables convert, I was always putting them off because of how much time they take.

Now there's no excuse to not put high converting product comparison tables all over your site. 

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BestsellerAzon Plugin

It's an obvious fact. Customers buy popular products more frequently than unpopular ones (duh).

So we built a solution to make it easy for you to display these popular products anywhere within your WordPress content.

Instantly Increase Your Amazon Commissions!

  • Bestseller lists exist because we as shoppers naturally purchase what is most popular - that's precisely why we built BestsellerAzon - to help you promote what's popular
  • Automatically display bestsellng Amazon products right after your WordPress posts for products related to your content!
  • Use powerful psychological tactics to stategically suck more commissions from your WordPress sites!
  • The more people click on your Amazon affiliate links, the more money you make!
  • Show your visitors what other people are buying and persuade them to do the same with ease!

An example of how it works ...

A visitor lands on your page about the Toaster 5000, but after reading about it she decides she doesn't want the Toaster 5000 anymore for whatever reason.

She then sees the Toaster 8000 in the Bestseller Azon plugin at the bottom of the page and realizes that it might be a better buy for her ( she's also being persuaded because it's a bestselling item ).

She clicks the link and is then taken to the Toaster 8000 product on Amazon - where she buys it - netting you a nice $9 commission for doing absolutely nothing!

These bestseller lists are automatically updated so that set the list up once and you're done.

Increase Your Commissions Instantly!

BestsellerAzon is an easy commission generator

Prevent your visitors from leaving by nudging them over to Amazon and net more sweet sales in the process. With the simple installation of this plugin your conversion rates will skyrocket, making you more money with no extra effort at all.

Without BestsellerAzon you're literally refusing to take more of Amazon's money!

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